Architectural History

Rising from a cut stone foundation and constructed of hollow tile and faced with orange-tone brick, this Neo-Gothic Revival-style, cruciform plan church is oriented on a north/south axis and is anchored at its northeast corner by a three(+)story belltower trimmed with stone-capped, brick pilasters. Regarding the belltower, a single sash window occupies the first floor to both the north (primary elevation) and east, while a tall-and-narrow lancet window is situated along the second level (again on both the north and east elevations). The third story contains Gothic-arched openings with wooden louvers on all four sides. Beneath the louvered openings is stone trim featuring a trefoil ornament, while the stone trim at the above consists of blind Gothic arches alternating with a foliated design. The tower’s pyramidal roof is covered with copper and surmounted by a cross. Less the tower bay, the primary (north) entrance façade is symmetrical in its design and comprised of three bays divided by brick pilasters. The first-floor central bay carries a wooden double-door entrance with strap hinges that is set within a Gothic-arched opening trimmed in stone. Immediately above the door, the solid tympanum includes the name of the church in raised lettering, “Holy Family R.C. Church.” Carved within a stone inset above the central doorway is a dove. Above the main entrance are three lancet windows, the central example being slightly taller than the two outer ones. A solid stone beltcourse defines the upper level, above which a gabled parapet with stone coping rises to shield the structure’s gabled roofline from view. A stone cross is located near the parapet peak. Flanking the central bay are identical outer bays, each of which includes a single, Gothic-arched doorway—the actual opening of which is boarded over (the doors have been removed). Like the central doorway, a stone inset above each of the secondary entrances includes carved religious-themed ornament. The second level of the outer bays carries a single lancet window trimmed with a double row of header brick and square stone imposts, while the uppermost levels feature another stone inset with inscribed ornament.