How the Name Came To Be

Dresden castle is named for the City of Dresden as the capital city in the German state of Saxony, and well as its regal, commanding and almost “Castle like” neo-gothic architecture.

In fact, the City has lots of Polish, German, and Slavic influences that has shape its unique history. 

The name of city ‘Dresden’ and many its rich features such as rivers and neighborhoods are of Slavic origin dating back to the 12th century.

By 1697 it was a Royal Polish City and residence to King Augustus II the strong. It became a center of power and culture with the region’s best musicians, architects and painters.

In the late 1800s after the Napoleonic wars has ended, Dresden had changed hands was under German rule and had both Polish and German influences. While it was later heavily damaged during World War II and still has wounds, it has undergone significant reconstruction of the original architectural, cultural, and natural beauty.

So just like the town of Dresden, this neighborhood has significant and important Slavic, Polish, and German influence to be celebrated and remembered.

Whatever your story may be, we hope you will all join us at the Dresden Castle Event Center to celebrate, remember, gather, listen, practice, or just party!